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Getting Started – Museduino

Getting Started

What is Museduino?

Museduino is an open-source electronic exhibit development kit that addresses the deployment of a microcontroller-based system with sensors and actuators that is robust enough for a public installation.

Our main Museduino shield fits with any Arduino Uno compatible shield, and connects to satellites via Cat5 connections. Satellites extend the pins, accept external power (or can get 5V from the main shield), and can be up to 100 ft (30 meters) from the main microcontroller. Satellites can be daisy chained together for more distance between sensors and actuators.

Why should I use Museduino?

Museduino is designed with exhibit developers and artists in mind. We use open-source hardware and software with locally available, inexpensive components, whenever possible.

You should use Museduino, if, like us, you like to build interactive exhibits and installations where sensors and actuators might be at a distance yet need to communicate, where cables are a more sensible option than wifi and bluetooth shields. Although the Museduino works really well with compatible shields, so you can do it all.

Where can I learn how to use Museduino?

Please review our documentation to learn more about Museduino. If you are already familiar with the documentation, feel free to follow our tutorials before implementing the Museduino into your own project.