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About CTDL – Museduino

About CTDL

The Museduino is a project developed by the New Mexico Highlands University Cultural Technology Development Lab, an R&D program where university faculty and students, museum professionals, and other partners work together on technology and design solutions for cultural institutions.

Our focus is on open source, low-cost solutions designed to help museums and cultural institutions share cultural content more effectively. We welcome partnerships and proposals from museums or other academic institutions. While we do our share of app development for organizations as diverse as national parks, historic sites and art museums, we’re also looking at new ways to implement emerging technologies from AR to 3D printing and open hardware.

The NMHU faculty currently working on Museduino are Stan Cohen, Miriam Langer, Rianne Trujillo. This began as a side project to a side project – outside of coursework or teaching, which means we really, really, care about making a nice set of open hardware components.