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FAQ – Museduino


What is Museduino?

Museduino is an Electronics Exhibit Development Kit. This kit addresses the deployment of a microcontroller-based system with sensors and actuators that is robust enough for a public installation. If you want your sensors and actuators to be placed up to 100 ft (30 meters) from your microcontroller, with robust data/power, then this is your solution!

As exhibit developers working with museums, we’re solving our own issues – robust deployment of sensors at various distances without data or voltage drops. If it solves someone¬†elses’ installation concerns, we’re all for it.

Is Museduino open-source?

We use open source hardware and software with locally available, inexpensive components, whenever possible. We also release original design files and encourage developers to create new satellites or modifications to fit your own needs. We hope that modifications will be shared with the community!

Museduino 4.0 is certified as OSHWA-compliant open source hardware. See listing here: https://certification.oshwa.org/us002128.html

Hardware Licensing: CERN-OHL-S-2.0

All code examples fall under MIT license. Documentation uses the CC-By license.

How can I get a Museduino?

A Museduino kit can be purchased through Paypal. If you have questions or want to assemble a custom kit with specific satellite boards or particular lengths of cable, please contact us.

Do I need to use Arduino with the Museduino?

The Museduino was originally designed for Arduino Uno. Many other microcontroller boards have an Arduino Uno compatible footprint. You can use the Museduino with any of the following:

  • Adafruit variants
  • Sparkfun variants
  • SeeedStudio boards
  • RedBearLab variants
  • ChipKit boards
  • Netduino
  • Freescale K-series boards

 What is the level of experience needed to get started?

Prior experience with Arduino or preferred microcontroller is recommended. For more information, refer to our Documenation and Getting Started sections of the site.

Where can I learn how to use Museduino?

Refer to our Tutorials section of the site. If you are interested in arranging a live tutorial or workshop (in person or via hangout) please contact us for scheduling/pricing.