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Version 1.3 – Museduino

Version 1.3


Museduino Shield

Distributed I/O

The Museduino distributes Arduino pins via Smorgasboard Satellites boards connected to CAT5/RJ45 ports on the shield. Each port allows access to 5 distinct Arduino pins used for sensors/actuators.

j12* D8D11~D5* D2~
j17D6~* D9~* D3~D0
~ Denotes PWM          * Denotes PWM Switch

The shield and satellite boards have a labeled solder mask to assist with configuration.

PWM Switches

The Museduino allows distributed PWM pins to switch between ports. For example, pin D9~ on j6 can switch places with pin D8 on j5. Pin D3~ on j7 can also switch with Pin D2 on j8. This feature is useful when you need an extra PWM pin to be accessed from a Satellite board.

External Power Jumpers

The Museduino shield includes a jumper which allows for choice in power supply: 5V from the Arduino or an external source.

Satellite Boards


Named for its smorgasbord qualities, this satellite board allows for a wide range of sensor and actuator configurations on any port.